Updated 24 March 2006

Welcome to the Register for the Volvo 140 series and 164 models. The purpose of this website is to build and maintain a database of these boxy, round fender Volvos and their owners. This register is open to all body styles, 2-doors, 4-doors, and estate models. Daily drivers, show cars, project cars, competition cars, and parts cars are all invited to register with us.
Does it cost anything to add your car to this Register? Just the time that it takes to fill out and submit the registration form. What will you gain by registering? The satisfaction of knowing that your car is listed along with other surviving 140s and 164s. These are the cars that many of us grew up with, learned to drive in, went off to college in, started our families in, and still appreciate today.
If you wish to be listed on the 140/164 Register, please fill out and submit our form. Tell us what model you have, serial number, color, mileage, pet name, stock or modified, your name and location, and whatever else you feel is important about your car. Please note that no names or addresses will be published or released without your permission.

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