Replacement of B16 with B18/B20

Common Conversion Questions

Q: Is this a difficult conversion?

A: This is a rather easy conversion. However, as with any engine swap, a certain amount of innovation is required.

Q: What engine mounts are used?

A: The B16 engine mount brackets will bolt directly to the B18 block.

Q: Will my existing transmission bolt to the B18?

A: No, the conversion requires the use of the B18 bellhousing, and an M40 or M41 transmission. The original transmission mount will bolt directly to the M40 transmission.

Q: What about the clutch linkage?

A: Here is one of those places where innovation is key. I prefer to use the PV or 122 bellhousing, part #418424. The cross-shaft pivot on the frame rail must be lowered and moved forward, and the pivot that bolts to the bellhousing must be either replaced with a PV B18 pivot, or another one needs to be fabricated.

Q: What do I do about the radiator?

A: You have several choices here.

  1: Use a B18 center grill section and hood, with a B18 radiator.

  2: Use the original B16 radiator, and re-route the lower hose.

  3: Reverse the lower tank on the B16 radiator, so that the outlet is on the same side (passenger) as the water pipe on the engine. I also recommend replacement of the core with a thicker one.

I consider choice #1 to be the best route. This way, you know that the radiator has the proper cooling capacity for your B18/B20.

Q: Now that my B18 is installed, what do I do to change the car over to 12 volts?

A: Change the starter and generator (or alternator); voltage regulator; ignition coil; all bulbs, including interior and instrument bulbs; turn signal flasher; fan motor; wiper motor (240 wagon tailgate wiper motor will work). I haven't run into any problems with the fuel gauge, but please let me know your experiences.

Q: How about throttle and choke hook-up?

A: Again, this is an area that calls for innovation. I find that the existing throttle linkages are easily modified, and that the single choke cable works well with one carb. In some colder areas, a second choke cable may be needed.

  Any more questions? Just send an E-mail, and I will try to answer them, and upgrade the page as well. Have fun!


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